Custom Order Deposit


TERMS: I understand that this is a NON refundable DEPOSIT on a custom order. If I DO NOT fill out the custom order form within 1 WEEK of receiving it, or if I do not purchase my custom listing with my final total within 48 hours, my order will be cancelled and I will NOT be refunded.*

✨you may only purchase ONE custom listing per update! we want everyone to have a chance at getting a custom order, thank you for understanding!✨

Here's how it works:

- You purchase a custom order deposit listing. You must read all the terms and agree to them when you check out!

- You will get to choose your turnaround time and garment type during check out.

- Brittney from customer service will send you a custom order form via Google forms that you MUST fill out within one week upon receipt. If you do not fill out this form within a week, your order will be forfeited and you will not receive a refund for your deposit.

- We will create a custom listing for you to purchase with your final custom total after we have concluded all custom info and the design you want. If you do not purchase your listing within 48 hours of receiving it, your order will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund for your deposit.

What can I customize?

In the Google form, you will be able to choose your size, colors, and details of your custom piece! You may also send inspo pics through this form. We will not accept inspo pics from other handmade shops. After you have completed your form, Jada will do a deep dive into your custom, draw up a rough sketch, and will send over photos of material options to choose from until all custom details have been finalized.

Your custom must be a design based off of a Little Willow Tree style of work. At this time, we are not accepting character requests. Please visit our Instagram, portfolio page, or customer photos page for inspiration if you need help!

We implore you to please think about the custom you really want before rushing to purchase the deposit. The starting price will begin at $299.99 and will increase from there depending on the design, materials, and size you would like. Jada will choose the best quality and value of materials for you to choose from within your base price but if you choose a specialty material such as silks or couture beading these materials can result in additional charges. For sizing all sizes 1year up to 6year will be included in the base price and for 7year, 8year, and 9year there will be an additional charge the same as any of the regular preorders have. The design options available will be Romper: $299.99 base price, Halter Dress: $369.99 base price, and Regular Dress: $399.99 base price. You would choose your design within the deposit listing. All deposits will be deducted from the final custom pricing.

We are super excited to work with you and to offer custom work once again! Jada can’t wait to bring your whimsical and personal visions to life!