Processing time: 4-6 weeks. When delays persist some orders can take up to 8 weeks, but not without warning. I am the sole runner of Little Willow Tree. Each piece takes precious time to complete.

Returns: I do not accept any returns or refunds. However, if you are desperately unhappy I will do whatever I can to accommodate your wishes.

Shipping: All packages are shipped Flat Rate, for the US $3.50-$6.50 and international is $15.00-$35.00. All US packages come with tracking. International packages do not come with tracking and for tracked international packages they will need to be shipped priority and will be an extra charge. I can not be held accountable for lost, untracked, international packages.

Exchanges: I will accept exchanges in some cases. If your item is too small I will gladly exchange it for a larger size. If your item is too large I will alter it to a smaller size. As long as supplies are still available to me.

Lost Mail: This does happen! Every now and then a package will get lost in space somewhere. But, I will always help with situations regarding a lost or damaged package. Just email me. I always reply. All US packages come with tracking. If your order is tracked as delivered there is nothing I can do if you say you have not received your order.

Modifications: The only modifications that will be made with items is lace trimming, which I use a lot of with my items. Sometimes the lace trim I use will no longer be available to me and I will have to substitute with a different style. But, always of good quality and not so much to where it alters the product drastically. If the item needs to be altered drastically I will email regarding so.

Finally, I am an independent worker and I am the only one making your sweet, little items, all while I care for my two, beautiful daughters. I will be the first to admit I make mistakes every now and then. But, I will always fix those mistakes! I want my customers to have a lovely shopping experience from my small, handmade shop. I sew everything on my sewing machine, I do not use a serger. I always make sure everything is nicely stitched and proper quality for even playtime. I just ask for understanding and patience. You will receive your item(s) no matter what!

I always reply to concerned emails regarding their purchase! Never hesitate to email me- littlewillowtreehandmade@gmail.com