Shipping Update

-POSTED UPDATE- 4-29-20(scroll to bottom for newest updates)

Starting off I want to thank everyone for their continued support! It means the absolute world to my family and myself. I am always so thrilled to be able to make these pieces for y’all and it’s truly a blessing. With that being said I just want to post here for everyone to see an update on shipping. As most cities in the US have been hit hard with the covid-19 virus my shipping turnaround times have increased by 2 weeks. I’ve been experiencing multiple material shipment delays and my main local fabric stores closing at the moment. As well as my children are at home full time now and we are adjusting to homeschooling. I just ask that everyone please bear with me during this time and I appreciate everyone’s understanding and support. My goal is to not bypass these dates and to if at all possible have shipped before these dates. I want everyone to know I appreciate their business and am forever grateful. Please also know you can email me at at anytime. I try my best to respond within 1 business day or sooner. Thank you always! -Jada


**** JUNE 2022 UPDATE****
✨Golden June Advanced Preorders- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨Birthday dresses- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨Posh Mauve Clown Jumpsuits- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨1st preorder Giselle Romper- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨1st preorder Whimsical Cape Sleeve Romper- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨Retro Designs(initial rompers, flower power dress, take it easy romper)- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨Nutcracker Rompers Advanced preorders- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨1st preorder for og birthday romper- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨witchy romper extras- FULLY SHIPPED✨

✨Giselle Romper and Whimsical Cape Sleeve Romper advanced preorders- shipping June/July(PROCESSING)✨

✨Summer Collection pieces(magic kingdom, minnie romper, daisy romper, mermaid romper, 2nd preorder birthday rompers- SHIPPING NOW✨

✨Twinkle, Twinkle Cape preorders- shipping in July✨

✨Mermaid Romper advanced preorders- shipping august/September✨

✨Birthday Romper 3rd preorder- ships end of August✨