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Custom Work Waitlist

$5.00 USD
  • Custom Work Waitlist

All info regarding custom work in original post applies here. This is a waitlist for a future custom. Please know I do not have a set date when I would be able to reach you on the waitlist. Wait time could be upwards to 3-6 months. This $5 deposit is to insure your place in line. It is a non refundable deposit and will be subtracted from your final total.

Once you purchase this waitlist deposit I will add your name to a list. The list will be right here for viewing for you to see. I will mark off each name as I come to them for their custom.

1. A Grant ✅
2. Kristen V ✅
3. Tara T✅
4. Laura Beth
5. Tammy M
6. Breanna N
7. Jamie W
8. Kate S
9. Joni N
10. Hadassah W
11. Denelle L
12. Susan L
13. Sharon L
14. Kabao M
15. Kristen V
16. Jessica L
17. Amy W
18. Susannah M
19. Sonya M
20. Jacqueline R